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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Bugs to Bears and fruity flavours

Fellow readers and story tellers.This book is part of my hardbook collection and the first most wonderful thing is the feel when I pick it up to read. Hardback books have a sensual element which to hold is so comforting. The thick soft front and back hold the story in the palms of my hands. Orange Pear Apple Bear is a as tactile to hold as a piece of fruit. The binding slightly rough and sandy contrast the smooth pages. Every child needs a few special editions of loved books in hardback to appreciate the art and craft of book making.

So so so so! The story.Yes. "Orange Pear Apple Bear" by Emily Gravett. Suitable for older babies to five year olds this rhyming tale of a playful bear echos Emily Gravett's play with words. She juggles the four words around with illustrations so handsome and charming lots of children easily fall into the game of rhyme with the bear. It's another simple story told beautifully to illustrate the joy of words and playfulness of images. A great piece to support a love of language. No wonder the bear has a nice big bum!! One of my favourites to read with children.

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